Dave Nibouar has been a semi-serious amateur photographer for most of his life. For much of that time, photography was nothing more than a tool to record events, people and places. Digital photography changed all that. Suddenly, photography stopped being a tool for documentation and blossomed into a means of expressing a very personal view of the world.

From a philosphical point of view, Dave believes that "less is more." He is not a technical photographer or an equipment junkie. Life in the 21st century often seems mind-numbingly complex; his photography is an attempt to escape from complexity and enter a simpler, more comfortable state of being. Equipment is minimal - a good quality digital SLR, one or two lenses, and a tripod are enough. Being on a beach in the early morning with simple gear when the light is just right is all he needs to be content.

Dave's favorite photos are like visual haiku poems - the extraneous material is gone and the essence of the subject becomes clear. The initial photo is the raw material; minimal enhancements on the computer, like cropping and contrast adjustments, help to tease out the essence of the image. When it's right, there is a connection between the artist's eye and the heart of the viewer.

Please tour our gallery. All images are signed, limited edition prints using archival quality materials. Since each is custom printed, a variety of sizes are available as is custom framing. Contact us for pricing and other details. 

Contact us for pricing and other details.


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